Lens, Guns, Minibar

by Secret Release

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5-track EP

Produced by Secret Release and Dan Maddalone


released December 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Secret Release Albany, New York

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Track Name: Waterbed
I'm sleeping alone again, it's 2 AM I'm drunk, I'm crying
Where are all my friends? I think they're dead and I think I'm dying too
If I had a million bucks I'd stand on top of the Eiffel Tower
With my dick out and I'd take a piss on the psuedo-French
On the public school kids who took two years
(Yeah, I took two years)
Well it doesn't matter I took two years
In this private hell, in this private cell of my own mind
And I don't want nobody else

I never thought about the ways in which I'd like to see her
But I've been thinking, yeah I've been thinking
I'd like to see her, yeah I've been thinking
I'd like to get her under the covers of a waterbed
And we'll float into each other
It's been a long time coming and we'll go again when the morning sun comes out

I'm walking home again, I feel left out, I feel uncool
Where are all my friends? I think they're dead and I think I'm dying too
Track Name: Talk
I want to stay up real late and connect with your head
I want to wake up in the morning like I know that I can
I want to talk

I want a drunk crush stumbling 'cross the foot of my bed
I want to fuck like I can inside of my head
I want to talk
Track Name: Tall Chick
Tall chick, nondescript gray sweater in this bar on the upper east side
Yeah you're drinking PBRs with the boys who play guitar
Tell me, is that your kind of guy?

Well, you're the cutest thing in this whole damn place
So let's make a baby tonight
We could be in heaven if the playing field was level
Dressed in darkness we could block out the height

And I won't get pissed if my sweats don't fit
And you won't mind I like watching porn
We could float together through our futurist endeavors
We could stay up and drink whiskey 'til morn

You're college graduated but your guess is educated
Proud class of two-thousand and nine
Yeah, you can't drive a buggy but you played some women's rugby
And damn you've got some beautiful thighs

Tall chick, nondescript gray sweater in this bar on the upper east side
We could be in love, but you rise a cut above
And we will never see eye to eye
Track Name: Hotel Yates
(Lyrics not available)
Track Name: Back Deck
You walk alone, down the avenue
Roll it up it's something sweet and something cool
Make a couple calls to see if you can hit the bars

A cigarette on the back deck
Fifteen dollars and a surefire death sentence
Try to fall asleep, she is in between the sheets

She is in between the sheets

You lay around like a broken vase
And no one's ever wanted to take the blame
And that goes for me, there's something there that I can't reach

In the morn' she wakes up at 10
Pull her closer, you don't have to make amends
She says, "don't worry, you're the only one i need"

You're the only one I need